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How does Swenzy operate and what kind of guarantees do you provide ?

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Refund Policy - *100% 30 days Money Back Guarantee

We will provide full refund strictly if we are not able to send the service you have purchased,For any other issues please contact support [email protected] , We solve issues very quickly.


  • Do you accept Paypal? - Yes , Once you've chosen the right service you will be redirected to a 2checkout payment page , Once the billing info has been filled in you will have an option to pay with Paypal or directly with your credit card.
  • How long does it take for you to deliver? - It takes us from 1 hour - 72 hours , (Larger orders & Specifically Youtube & Instagram may take longer to be completed.) depends on the days and orders in queue.
  • Is your service safe? - Yes we are using the safest methods possible to expand you and your business.
  • Do you provide real human followers views & likes? - Yes we provide authentic services.
  • Where do the views/followers/likes come from ? - It is worldwide traffic/followers/views/likes.
  • Are your views adsense safe? - Yes absolutely.
  • How do I go viral ? - Ussually before being featured on news or anywhere else the first step should be expanding your image and we are here to do that :).

Why Choose Swenzy ?

  • Swenzy (formerly: SocialVEVO ) specializes in Social Media Marketing, making a name for itself having international coverage and strong notability. Swenzy has created viral stars overnight and opened doors for YouTube Partners , Recording Artists , Actors , Directors , Politicians , Companies , Corporations ...etc.
  • Based on many scientific studies, having a big number of social statistics will make curious visitors like your material 40% more.
    Social Engineering scientists have also proven that when people see signs of " Buzz " Or " Viral Perception ", that material will more likely go viral vs having no popularity from the start.

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Swenzy's social media work has received worldwide media coverage, from Newspapers to Magazine issues.

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